What will the society think?

Major confusion in life nowadays: whom should I make happy? Whom should I live for? Whom should I prove? Society or myself ???!!!πŸ˜€ πŸ€”
From the time we were aware of happenings in the world we live in, the statement that has been used often is, ” what will the society think? It will make fun of us.”

So the question is, does the society really think about us? πŸ˜…

I found it hard to answer, because it’s something that depends on our perspective, right?
What is society ? If put in simple words, it’s the people who comprise the society in general terms. If we dig our think tank much, we may find some more definitions I guess, anyways let’s stick to this one for time being. Now, society has given a design, a protocol, according to which it expects people to live. Two cases can be taken then ; what happens to people who live according to that design, and what happens to the rest.

Resulting emotions of people who live according to the design could further be classified into two types:
a) Emotions as outcome of actions that matches with the ideologies of the society. No criticism faced. All are happy. No analysis of the deed done even by the person who did that, and hence, there is peaceful coexistence.
b)Emotions as outcome of actions that are against the society’s ideologies. Criticism at its peak. The person is not happy. Since he wants to live according to the design given by the society, he is frustrated, he is stuck in a dilemma. As a result, even if it was an idea that would benefit the society at a later stage, it would never happen.

Now talking about the rest of the people, their emotions too could be classified in the above mentioned manner. The first point is same. Everyone is happy. But point (b) is the one that marks the only difference between these two types of individuals. The people who never wanted to live according to the society’s norms, are never bothered about their comments too. They don’t await anyone’s praise, they are not aware of anyone’s thoughts. They are always the listeners of their own minds. If their thought or deed brings any benefit to the society, it becomes a mark, a path and they are honoured, praised. But this needs a mind to think out of the box, go out of the track, and needs lots of guts and the person to be independent of the society, since they need to be careless about the thoughts of else.

If history is analysed, the people who belong to the second group have shaped the world to what it is today. Cliche statements are to be mentioned, but they are not irrelevant. The society that once ignored and criticized these people receives and praises them. Then does the statement, “what will the society think?” really exist? Does it have a strong base? Is it permanent? Does it really matter?

But every rose has a thornπŸ˜…. Whenever thoughts or deeds that arise from the people belonging to the second group, the owners of careless gutsy minds, they could harm or help people around that person . If they harm, they need to be stopped. There the society has the right to criticise. But if they would help, why to stop them? Either you get something new, or it would remain as it was in prior. So, is it really wrong to give a chance to novelty, if it doesn’t cause any harm? After all, from Stone age to today, isn’t this group of individuals who brought changes, along with facing criticism of this society ?

We couldn’t conclude a permanent answer for the question we started with, and it has many dimensions too. But, as a general statement, won’t it be fine if the society stops criticizing the deeds of people, leave them free and stop passing comments, if they don’t harm them or bring any kind of loss to them? We hear talks, read articles, and get motivated, thinking we don’t care about what people say, we know we are right, and one day everyone would accept that. But along with that, we could even think about stopping criticizing else, and also make people around us do the same, because who knows, how goodness happens and what form it is packed in.

No need of any encouragement, or any discouragement either.
Encouragement if supplied could be elixir, but discouragement if hinted is surely a toxin, don’t you all think so ?


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  1. “Encouragement if supplied could be elixir, but discouragement if hinted is surely a toxin, ”

    oh my! love this line!!!
    i guess the best way to be yourself, which may be not to society’s way of things, is to learn to be on the fringe and be able to “play the game.” be true to yourself first, as long as laws are not broken or anyone is harmed.

    in history, many have bucked society and change has occurred. while others have been set crashing to the ground. but sometimes, later societies have recognized just how important some of those who crashed were.

    the best one should do is be yourself. whoever that person is and be known, some will like you and some will not.

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