Elixir : Part – 4

Coffee. Both the girls chose coffee over tea.
Sipping the hot coffee after a long conversation about career and life goals, Anjali felt better. She found her twin sister in Sandhya, somewhere Sandhya was like Anjali in her ideologies, but extremely different in execution. Whilst Anju was busy checking her e-mails and stuff, Sandhya remembered how Vivek loved the coffee that she’d prepare for him on a rainy day. Coffee and movies and long conversations about World politics, that was something exclusive to them. Their friendship was something everyone eyed on. And when they decided to be a couple and extend their friendship, no wonder that it attracted jealousy of many. They were the perfect pair, the made for each other type. One a writer, another a photographer. Vivek’s words were nothing but Sandhya’s photographs. It appeared as if the pen fell for the camera each time they were seen together. Everything was smooth. Everyone saw a peaceful life ahead for the couple. Yet, no mask is permanent. It wears off one day.
2 months ago…
“Vivek I told you, please don’t be late atleast today. I don’t want you to offend my parents. They’re in town just for you, and you told me that you were free today. Please come soon. We’re waiting” Sandhya’s voice pricked his ears even through the mobile phone.
“You could’ve atleast discussed about this meetup in the morning. I was free today but I have an important work to do now. If you had informed me about your parents, I’d have made some arrangements. Please don’t disturb me now. Keep the phone. I’ll try. I can’t assure though.” Vivek was angry, short tempered he was, something that Sandhya never entertained.
“Okay, I’m disturbing now. I wanted to surprise you and I’m… ” Sandhya could hear the call being disconnected.
This wasn’t something for the first time. It had happened many times in the past. Yes, Sandhya’s parents too knew it. But, she still wanted to disprove them and wanted Vivek to emerge as the hero. They waited. Three hours passed. The family had a nice time, Sandhya’s younger brother especially. They loved Bangalore much more than their hometown.
“I told you ma, he won’t come. He’s a busy man. Leave it. We’ll meet him next time. However you both have decided to marry, we might have the fate of meeting his parents before him”. Her father was a gentleman, a cool person.
After leaving her family in the airport, she tried calling Vivek, only to be left unanswered. She waited for him outside his home, which was some 10 minutes away from her hostel. He had purchased the home for them, so that she would get to work in Bangalore and he too could get a job somewhere in the town. Vivek couldn’t leave Sandhya. She was his breath.
“Sorry dear. I was totally such today. And why are you waiting here? It’s already late. You could have been in the hostel right? Why did you wait outside, here? Come. It’s too cold.” He hugged her tight and took her inside.
“I expected you to be mine atleast today. I never confronted you on such issues in the past. I just forgave you and adjusted. I would compromise always. But it was too much this time. You’ve crossed the limits.” Sandhya had a shaking voice, an indication of the tears that were about to appear.
“See, let’s go out for dinner. Our mood would be good then, and we’ll talk and sort this out tomorrow. I’m free however. Whole day dedicated to you my queen” he picked a rose and knelt down.
“Oh. Yes. You are free. Your time is precious. Your things must work well. I’m a machine, ain’t I? A machine to whom you would speak when you are free, to rest your head when you’re tired. That’s it. I’m not a human being. I don’t have feelings, I don’t need a shoulder. I’m alive only to fulfill your needs, right? Tomorrow when our daughter loves a person, but he won’t love her and spend time for her the way she does, how would you feel? Would you be happy? My parents didn’t say anything, thinking that I’d be sad. I saw them breaking down. Why Vivek? When would you ever be there for me?” and tears rolled out of her eyes.
Vivek couldn’t keep his calm, “when you were struggling, I was the only one to support you, not your family. You’re the established one now,not me. I’m struggling to get a job just because I need to stay with you in this city. And I don’t have time for you, huh? I’m surprised that the person whom I loved so much couldn’t even understand me. I wasn’t out today for merry making with friends. Ask Aadi, he’d tell you. You trust him, atleast? He’s your best friend. We were out regarding your…”
“I need you, not Aadi’s explanation. It’s not about trust. If i never trusted you, I’d never be with you for ten years. And my family didn’t support me, doesn’t mean I must leave them for you. I never knew you were such a person who was so selfish. I feel ashamed of myself now. I just want to be away from you.” Sandhya hurried towards the door and left his home.
29 missed calls. And many unread messages. Vivek tried his best through the phone but Sandhya wasn’t in a mood to talk to him that night. She left the hostel the next day, and after that, never saw Vivek in her life.

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